The Beginning and a Conversation with God

                            But now trouble comes to you, and you are discouraged; it strikes you, and you are dismayed. (Job 4:5 NIV)

     No one sets out to create a life that falls out of balance. It happens slowly. Disease. The word itself helps to define the problem. “Dis” is the prefix and means “not,” followed by the syllable “ease.” Perhaps it begins with a crises or many little problems that add up.

I did not feel ease. I had experienced too much in too short of time.  I continued to keep up my responsibilites as book keeper for our family business and working as a part time pastor at a small rural church.  I took seminary classes.  I read books on creativity. I tried new things. I wrote a family cookbook. I began my new role as empty nester.

Physically,  emotionally and spritiually depleted I began looking for answers. I saw physicians, looking for medical reasons and tried medications. Most importantly, though, I  sat down each night, opened my Bible and prayer journal and began a serious conversation with God. The result was a book on seeking balance. Now I am sharing devotions that others can use to help find balance.



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