Be Intentional

This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish                                                              Luke 14:30

     To be intentional means to be done in a certain way, that is planned and done with anawareness of the end to be achieved. Finding quiet time, time to be alone and rest in God requires planning and effort from us, the seeker. Hearing God’s voice, wisdom and IMG_0305direction is less effective when left to chance and approached in a haphazard way.

      My blog is an example of an effort to be intentional. I  begin with my quiet time seeking God’s inspiration and leading and finish with thoughts, written down to be shared with others. The past two weeks I have had workers in and out my house, grandchildren to babysit, phone calls and interruptions. Finding the quiet time has been difficult. I feel like the person in the parable from Luke who wasn’t able to finish the work, when I want to be like the woman who sweeps the floor until she finds the coin-persistent.

     How can I better find, schedule and keep my appointment with the Lord?

     Lord help me to be more intentional. Accomplishing work for your kingdom, not as a haphazard endeavor, but planned for best rest results. Lord you are always present and faithful, inspire me to do my part and keep my appointment with you the King. Amen


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