On The Banks of Plum Creek

Plum Creek is located near Walnut Grove MN. Through the winter months the Ingall family lived in a sod dugout, carved out of the banks of Plum Creek, before Charles a permanent a frame house.

Site of Dugout

Here is the site of Laura’s dugout. You drive out into the country and down dirt roads, but the drive is beautiful this time of year. There is a sign to remind visitors to look out for fox and badgers while hiking around plum Creek.

A Dugout

The museum in town has a sample of what a dugout might have looked like. Imagine, bugs, mice, snakes?

Inside the dugout might have looked something like this.

Plum Creek

It was fun hiking around Plum Creek.


The grass and flowers growing near plum creek were reminiscent of what grew there when Laura lived there. Dick and I looked for trees that might have been 100 years old. Museum guides assured me some of the trees Charles planted are still there.

Le Sueur, MN

Drove through Le Sueur the home of the Jolly Green Giant. Le Sueur no longer has a Green Giant plant, since the company was bought by Pilsbury. Both the founders of Green Giant and the Mayo family stemmed from Le Sueur.

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